Blackbirds Infotech srl is a consulting company that locally distributes leading and innovative software platforms in their international market.

Our offer of integrated products and services is represented by:

- the CRM / xRM ( Customer Relationship Management / Anything Relationship Management) genesisWorld developed for about 30 years by the German company CAS Software AG;

- the CRM Cloud SmartWe also from the German company CAS Software AG;

- the product configurator platform CAS MERLIN developed by the German company CAS Software AG, used, for example, to configure to potential customers trucks and vans of Mercedes Benz ;

- the Enterprise Content Management application suite of ELO Digital Office developed by the German company ELO Digital Office GmbH, used by more than 1.000.000 users in the world to be supported in their daily activities involved the corporate document management processes.

- the INXMAIL suite to manage Direct Email Marketing processes and digital workflow servers;

- the Evalanche suite of the German company SC NETWORKS for Lead Generation, at acceptable monthly rates even for small and medium-sized customers;

- IT security and GDPR with G-DATA antivirus solutions and StormShield firewalls;

- Factory Gateway 4.0 systems of the company Alleantia from Pisa

For these solutions, with our staff certified by the relevant parent companies, we provide consulting, installation, integration, maintenance and support services for the related software .

We specialize in consulting on marketing automation processes, lead generation, customer relationship management, document management, product configuration , impact analysis and management of processes related to the protection of personal data adequate to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation ), business intelligence and Industry systems 4.0, especially if integrated with our application world in distribution ..

We always use our best technological and financial partners (Grenke , CHG Meridian, ...), with innovative and leading software platforms, designed for the needs of large companies as well as small and medium-sized (SMEs).

We are a " One - Stop -Shop" Service Provider, fully responsible for the integrated application solution provided within the agreed time.



The BlackBirds brand was born at the beginning of the millennium (2001) from the distribution of IT services by Tata Consulting Services for Italy, an Indian company now with 448,464 employees (March 2020) and defined in 2015 by Forbes as the 64th company in the ranking of the most innovative companies of the world.

From that experience we have developed the passion of being consultants, integrators and developers of international IT platforms of sure success on our national market.

We are your personal GLOCAL distributor of organizational and IT solutions, the best international application platforms implemented in the local realities of our customers, even the smallest ones, hoping that our services will help them to become bigger and more organized with continuous change.


The Blackbirds are migratory birds that fly around the world every year, from Asia to Europe, for kilometers in ordered flocks

This is why from the beginning, we have believed that the World is Round!

Today we believe in organized, sustainable, safe and respectful solutions for all the people present in the organization of our customers, as well as our collaborators and employees.

This represents our distribution challenge: to bring to our customers the best professionalism, software and organizational solutions present in the world today to meet their particular local needs.

A particular focus that also distinguishes our choice of solutions to be distributed: making small and medium-sized enterprises more competitive in their business processes.


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...BlackBirds Infotech, THE POWER TO SOLVE IT !