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CAS genesisWorld x12: New promotion up to 18 December - 07/12/2020

Now is the right time to strengthen your competitive position and strengthen team work in your corporate premises with CAS Software AG CRM solutions

Until 18 December 2020 there is a 200 euro discount promotion for each Platinum license of CAS genesisWorld. Take advantage of this opportunity and let the power of the XRM solution strengthen your competitive position

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SmartWe/ gratuito_6mesi

CAS genesisWorld x12: Shape your workspace - 14/08/2020

Shape your digital workspace with CRM: the new x12 version of CAS genesisWorld will become your indispensable companion to foster good relationships with your customers and strengthen teamwork, even over social distances. With CAS genesisWorld x12, you can:

Enjoy the freedom of direct customer contact remotely. To keep target-oriented customer interaction in focus, you can access all important customer information while on the go via tablets, smartphones, Apple Watch & Co - online or offline.

Drive your teams remotely successfully. Using the team’s planning functions, you have transparency about the distribution and capabilities of the activities. Even when providing emergency support services, you can impress your customers with immediate and efficient service experiences.

Increase the efficiency of your daily activity. With customizable dashboards, all key figures and key performance indicators are available at your fingertips on which to base your informed decisions. Intelligent guided procedures and automated processes accelerate workflows and allow you to spend more time on the essentials: your customers.

Enjoy the perfect integration of third-party products. With the power of XRM for your Microsoft Outlook client, you can access any information about customers and projects, both when writing and processing emails. Using CAS Opensync, you can integrate any third-party solution into CAS genesisWorld remaining sovereignly digital.

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Most innovative German company CAS

CAS Software is recognized as the most innovative IT company of Smes in Germany - 29/06/2020

In Germany’s leading innovation competition for medium-sized companies TOP 100, CAS Software is back on the podium and is the most innovative IT company in all size categories. " For us, the Top 100 is the most important award for innovative medium-sized enterprises. We are very proud that the team led by Professor Franke of the University of Economics and Commerce in Vienna judged us to be one of the most innovative companies in Germany," says Martin Hubschneider, founder and CEO of CAS Software AG. "Especially in these turbulent times, customer needs are changing significantly. I am very grateful to our co-designers, our customers and partners for passionately shaping the future of CRM "said Martin Hubschneider at the first place in the competition.

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SmartWe/ gratuito_6mesi

Digital Solidarity: Smartwe & genesisWorld for FREE - 31/03/2020


    - 6 months free CRM SmartWe ("Cloud") for companies with maximum 5 clients on the TEAM license

    - 2 months free CRM genesisWorld for companies with maximum 12 clients on the PLATINUM license ("Everything included")

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CAS genesisWorld x11: simple. Intelligent. far-sighted - 07/18/2019

The new version of the smarter CRM for small and medium-sized Italian companies has arrived!

Unique features such as the Picasso mobile search, the product catalogue and the advanced App Designer make CAS genesisWorld x11 a MUST-HAVE software platform.

As a flexible CRM and xrm solution, CAS genesisWorld offers exciting possibilities for the quality of relationships in medium-sized companies: starting with communication with potential customers in marketing, from direct contact to sales to transparent team planning.

Picasso search on the move: Act even more proactively with CAS genesisWorld and focus on your customers at all times. Picasso research based on artificial intelligence algorithms, for the first time on the market, provides you with all the important information in the practical visualization of daily activities.

Take your CRM with you wherever you go and use CAS genesisWorld as your personal assistant. Work online and offline on your notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Learn more about products such as the mobile product catalogue, multimedia content surveys or the integrated App Designer in detail.

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New CPQ module for GenesisWorld - 29/04/2019

The CPQ module for genesisWorld helps you acquire the know-how of the product and ensure a quick and error-free configuration. Find out what the new module can do for you. We want to help you grow your business!

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Partner meeting Barcellona - 29/04/2019

On May 23rd and 24th 2019 in Barcelona the International CAS Partner Conference will be held. For more information: Read More..

CAS genesisWorld x10

CAS genesisWorld x10 - 04/04/2019
CAS genesisWorld x10 definisce nuove standard nei CRM per le Piccole e Medie Aziende. Smart Design assistenti che pensano oltre, marketing automation e protezione dei dati personali: con la nuova versione 10 ora disponibile le medie e piccole aziende potranno avvantaggiarsi di funzionalità che saranno sempre più standard nelle vostre organizzazioni. CAS genesisWorld x10 sets a new standard in CRM for medium-sized enterprises >> Smart design, assistants that think ahead, marketing automation and data protection – with the x10 version of CAS genesisWorld x10, available now, medium-sized enterprises can profit from new functions that represent the new standard in CRM.Read


SmartWe- 05/04/2019

SmartWe is a useful app for small and medium-sized companies capable of digitizing contracts, efficiently managing working hours and managing your customers better.

With SmartWe you can customize contacts, e-mails and documents to make the management of employees and employees of your company simple, easy and fast, both from PC and mobile.



About GDPR

Starting from 25 May 2018 the GDPR has become operational, informed about what has changed and the new rules for companies, organizations and citizens. Read

CAS genesisWorld x9

CAS genesisWorld x9

CAS genesisWorld X9 improves and optimizes all that was present in the previous version, making it even easier and faster, making your company more organized.


Top Innovators

Top Innovators

CAS Software AG is among the top 100 elite companies in the field of innovation.


CAS genesisWorld x8

CAS genesisWorld x8

With CAS genesisWorld x8 revolutions the relationship between customer and company. the software is simple, customizable and flexible.

Genesis offers the possibility to better communicate among company employees, digitize your contracts and better organize your company so as to increase efficiency and profits.