International CRM for the Italian SMEs.




CAS genesisWorld is the software CRM leader in the german market that allows you to manage and valorize the relationships with your clients. Widespread worldwide (more than 250,000 users), meets the needs of all small and medium companies and special sectors. It is a powerful and flexible: it is equipped with functional multiplicity and can be customized with modules and extensions. Offers a wide range of innovative tools for a integrated management of business processes and not just business processes. With CAS genesisWorld companies can finally reach the expected levels of profitability thanks to customers loyal to them.

The customer, in an environment of strong competition between companies, needs an increasing attention. CAS genesisWorld is the solution to coordinate actions and efforts to satisfy the customer and his needs. In fact a satisfied customer is a vital element for business profitability in the short and especially in the long run. All customer information is stored in a single database central and are accessible to staff, which can thus ensure customer satisfaction and a service quality, fast, and customized.


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GDPR Compliance

Our products from CAS Software AG will help you to maintain a secure relationship with your customers even in the future. In our "CRM Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation", we summarise the key points of the EU GDPR and define the effects that the regulation will have on the CRM. It will allow you to face the challenges, but also to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this new regulation.


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Why to choose the CAS genesisWorld CRM?

  • 1) Optimal Price/Performance ratio.
  • 2) Accessible costs.
  • 3) Licenses for purchase and rental.
  • 4) Application oriented to any type of relationship.
  • 5) An expandable xRM platform.
  • 6) A tailor-made CRM product for SMEs

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