Having a company website is not enough to be successful onlineā€¦ Through this business model, it is the users themselves who express their interest for the products and services offered and who try to get in touch with the company, leaving their data to be contacted

Benefits of Lead Generation

To generate new leads, multiple marketing strategies can be used, necessary to attract the user's attention and generate leads

BlackBirds offers you several products to support effective Lead Generation.


Evalanche, email marketing automation

It allows you to create email marketing campaigns, landing pages, all through automated methods.

  • Used by more than 3000 companies
  • 19 years of experience in the SME market
  • More than 250 partners
  • Integrated in the CAS genesisWorld CRM

Create added value with InxMail

InxMail professional allows you to deliver highly personalized newsletters with captivating content and email campaigns.

InxMail Commerce specializes in automated one-to-one emails. (confirmations, receipts, invoices ...)

  • More than 2000 customers and more than 200 companies
  • Software service offered in more than 20 countries
  • Email marketing experts for 20 years
  • Integrated in the CAS genesisWorld CRM

Leadinfo, Be updated on which companies visit your website

It helps you identify the visitiors on your website, including names of companies, company size, city, market sector; Qualify your Leads through personalized filters.

  • Chosen by over 20.000 users all over the world
  • Integrated with CRM CAS genesisWorld and SmartWe
  • Funzionalities/pricing adapted for Italian PMI's
  • Present in 214 countries with more than 220.000 clients
  • Integrated with Linkedin and data from Creditsafe