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The software allows you to identify visitors to your website, 100% GDPR compliant. Perfectly integrated with your sales process.

Company identification

You can know the name of the company, the zip code, the city, the country and the number ofyour website visitors. Detailed information allows you to find out more about which of your pages, products and services are of most interest.

Individual reports

You can receive information about the main potential customers directly by e-mail and define the kinf relationship based on your personal needs.

Filters and Scoring

Extensive filtering options and the creation of individual profiles by scoring also enable you to qualify your leads. Among all your website visitors, you can filter the main potential customers and automatically segment them for your sales processes according to, for example, their zip codes, products or sectors.


GDPR Compliance

 Data privacy is a key topic for Wiredminds. Since 2007, the software's compliance with data protection guidelines and adaptation to the latest privacy requirements has been confirmed, as reported in the data protection requirements of the European regulation on general data protection (GDPR). For more information, visit the website  https://www.wiredminds.de/en/privacy-statement/ .


WHO is interested in your products or services?

WHEN is the right time to contact potential customers?

What are the measures most likely to generate success?

LeadLab offers you the answers. The sftware identifies the companies that are visiting your website. In addition to company names and enriched profile data, LeadLab also shows detailed chronologies of visitors. User behavior provides key information and data on the potential and specific needs of each lead.

In addition to company names, you can view contact data for department managers, postal addresses, sector codes, and also the number of visits, page views, or time spent on leads for displaying individual pages. Your sales team has access to useful information, such as product pages that capture the attention of your visitors and can use this information to structure your first contact with potential customers.