no fear in a safer company


Are you worried that your customers' data will be stolen? Are you afraid that a virus will cause you to lose all your important business data? Corporate security is one of the most important issues for the credibility and organization of a company. Thanks to G-Data and Stormshield you will be safer!

G DATA: The world's first antivirus software

G Data developed the world's first antivirus software and is still one of the best companies in the field of cybersecurity. With G DATA you have a wide range of protections available for your device: antivirus, e-mail scan, anti Ransomware and BankGuard.

  • - Used by hundreds of companies
  • - More than 30 years of experience in the fight against cyber threats
  • - More than 500 partners
  • - 143 billion euros of damage avoided in 2017 thanks to G DATA solutions

Protect your business with StormShield

Stormshield is one of the leading companies in the field of Network Security in Europe. Thanks to Sotrmshield's firewalls it is possible to block almost any attack on your corporate network, which will be kept safe, reliable and inviolate.

  • - More than 15,000 companies use Stormshield
  • - Certified by the most important European institutes (EU RESTRICTED, NATO, ANSSI EAL3 + / EAL4 +)
  • - A network of 900 partners
  • - Simple and suitable for SMEs