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Welcome to the new world of SmartWe

 SmartWe is an app-based cloud CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses that supports you and your team in their daily work. SmartWe is able to acquire contact information completely autonomously with respect to the data source, regardless of whether it is email, documents, business cards or web pages. And then it saves the correct information in the right place. So it is ready for access at any time.


The main features are:

1)  Quick and easy contact management

  • 2)  Customization of Documents and Email

3)  Radial menu - CAS SmartSearch

4)  Lead and Opportunity

5)  Unlimited mobility: not just in the office



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Security and Privacy

Our primary concern

Data protection and security is our primary concern. Maximum data protection and security with Hosting in Germany.

No backdoors, better encryption, a sophisticated system of access rights allow CAS SmartWe to be a secure fortress.



GDPR compliance

Your SmartWe data is safe. It is hosted in a standalone data center in Germany. And it is subject to German data protection law. Secure communications between you and the data center are secured through SSL / TLS encryption.

Customer Centricity

The philosophy of centrality: constantly building and designing on the customer experience. A vision and excellent functioning are the basis for developing a customer-centric product. A software solution that optimally supports customer centrality, provides high customization and historical information.



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