More and more companies are shifting their attention to the IoT and Industry 4.0 market, so innovate and take advantage of these new technologies to increase corporate profitability. Don't get left behind! Blackbirds infotech accompanies you on this journey thanks to Alleantia.

Advantages of industry 4.0

  • - Integration of the different systems of the company
  • - Immediate availability of data and their processing
  • - Possibility of connecting software and hardware systems
  • - Fault prediction and machinery maintenance scheduling


Alleantia's effective Plug & Play

Alleantia is one of the best industrial solutions for the IoT within the reach of Italian SMEs, with Alleantia you will be able to reduce the time and cost of integration between machines and applications by over 80%. Alliance it also manages numerous apps, specially developed to make integration complete, simple and fast.

  • - Alleantia's solutions have already been installed in more than 150 sites
  • - More than 40 clients including multinationals
  • - Easy to use
  • - Affiliated with the largest technology companies